Physiological Ecology of Reptiles Laboratory (PERL)

Max Roberts

Max Roberts

Graduate Student
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


B.S. Zoology, UC Santa Barbara

Research Interests

I am a tetrapod zoologist broadly interested in using ecological and behavioral research to inform management decisions aimed at conserving reptiles, amphibians, and birds. While studying zoology at UC Santa Barbara, I conducted an undergraduate research project where I recorded and compared the microclimates underneath cover objects used by common reptiles and amphibians in Coastal Southern California. Additionally, I worked with both Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs and California Red-legged Frogs as a field technician for the Briggs Lab. Other field jobs have had me chasing Northern Goshawks in Modoc National Forest, conducting bird point counts across the State of Colorado, and catching American and Morelet’s Crocodiles in Coastal Belize. I was also involved with the Southwestern Herpetologist Society for many years and have occasionally helped with its coverboard surveys. As a graduate student at PERL, I am now working on Project RattleCam, where I am studying Prairie Rattlesnake thermoregulatory behaviors using live-streaming wildlife cameras and the use of this technology as an educational tool in public schools and zoos to improve public attitudes towards rattlesnakes. Additionally, I am dedicated to being an impactful mentor to undergraduate students. When I’m not working on my projects or facilitating PERL events, I am can be found exploring wild places in search of amazing animals to photograph or playing jazz saxophone.


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